OFFICIAL Domestic 15 Lyrics

` - written and arranged by Ben Velazquez & Mitch Mason
* - written by Ben Velazquez/ arranged by Ben Velazquez & Mitch Mason
^ - written by Mitch Mason/ arranged by Ben Velazquez & Mitch Mason

All Right*
Got None*
A Little Time*
Fantasy Land*
Magical Disappearences*
My People*
Never Too Late*
Green T^
Mind Wake*
Mr. Disguise^
40 miles from home^
Used up & burnt out^
Silent Sufferage*
Back Then^
Said it's okay*
Sometimes I Run*
Our Way*
I wish I was Afraid*
In an Instant*
No Reason*
Gone and Going*
Compared to Here*
On Top of You*

All Right*

Take up the message
play by the slots
Put it in storage
and like it a lot

But it's always all right - (chorus)
it's all right, all right
yeah it's always all right

Make it be over
Make it be gone
Scream 'til you're sober
Maybe it's wrong


Got None*

I've got none
want none
Got none take it away
I've had fun
I want none
I had fun
leave to stay

It's not all completly new
it's not all until I'm trough

A Little Time*

When will there be a little staring out there
all that I need's a little time
When will there be a person who actually cares
all that I need's a little time

All I need's a little time - (chorus 1)
to show I'm not afraid
I'm on my way

When will there be a little sharing out there
all that I need's a little mind
When will there be a person who actually cares
all that I need's a little time

All I need's a little time - (chorus 2)
to show I'm not afraid
I'm not afraid
And all I need's a little mind
to show off all my pain
I'm on my way

(1st verse)
(Chorus 2)


Go ahead and take my mind
but make sure I'm alright
I'll think anything you want
'cause mine is yours I got none


Crying for unknown reasons
bursting into tears
afraid of all rejection
afraid of none but fear
A hate of something different
I'm trapped inside the center
happiness just for rent
lost inside the final years

No friends - (chorus)
the end
of all hatred

Mud kicked in my face
I'm all the disgrace
broken mind for many years
life mearly a toy here
I wish I was important
even if someone cared
but everyone just hates me
my life is soon done here


Fantasy Land*

Why can't I fly
up in the sky
Why can't I wonder
through mysterious voices of thunder

Why can't I fly - (chorus)
In fantasy Land

Why can't I have
x-ray vision
but why can't I have
the things I'm wishin'


Magical Disapperances*

All in all
I have to wait
I can't go on
I have to say
I have to say
I can't go on
for all is all
and will not wait

Cannot go back - (chorus)
cannot go back from here

My People*

It's the people who hate me
it's the people who brake me
it's the people watch me fall
it's the people who stand real tall

Be my people - (pre-chorus)
join my people
it's my people
here's my people

My people - (chorus)

It's the people who tell me
it's the people who fail me
it's the people who'll watch be die
it's the people who'll take my life



Never Too Late*

That's the way the story goes
that's the way it ends
I guess it's all over now
I guess no one wins
Now the sun has gone down
and the moon shows it's face
Now the chair stopped rocking
it's at a resting place

But it's never too late - (chorus)

Now reality's with me
the question is past belief
Now I just have to realize
there's nothing else left for me
Now that the sun is gone down
Now the moon shows it's face
Let the chair stop rocking
Give it the final phase


It's time to let the passion go
and let the empathy in
I know it's all over know
I know no one wins
Now the sun has gone down
and the moon shows it's face
and the chair stopped rocking
it's at a resting place


Standing here look at me
thinking how it used to be
wondering why don't you see the way

Why don't you let me go
after this I'm sure to know
you fall down why don't you blow away

Let me fall watch me walk away - (chorus)
I want it all now
now I'm gone you're here to stay

(1st verse)

I'm down on my knees
driving to insanity
why does it have to be this way

(chorus x2)


Keep your people down
show you're not alone
everything is all about
show them you are here
tell them they are here
and the word will get around

It's your life they talk about - (chorus)
someone else to fool around
tell them you're the only one
tell them that for having fun
it's your life they've talked about

Green T^

Die in front of me
why can't you see
what you've done

Gun in my hand
I am a man
but I'm gone

I'm green - (chorus)

Run down the sheets
don't miss a beat
In my head

Gun in my hand
I am a man
and I'm done

I'm green
green me

Red Man*

Making every promise broke
scream until I start to choke
making every promise broke to me

Look at every step I take
look at every step I make
taking every step away from me

Ma'ma killed the red man - (chorus)
I wanna kill the red man
ma'ma killed the red man in me
oh can't you see

Mind Wake*

Who are you
to lie to me
and put me in that position

Never have
never been
put beyond control

And we've got to say - (chorus)

Mr. Disguise^

While you were asleep
I crept into your mind & ate
Now you will feel my misery

We will visualize
The weight of agony inside
what does it all mean anyway

Let me see - (chorus)
now you be
fall in line
Mr. Disguise

People telling lies
waste them all with genocide
is it the best way to go

Quit the killing now
ya'll save yourself without a doubt
because that's the way it is

40 miles from home^

Can you hear me calling your name
wishing waiting going insane.

I am - (chorus)
I am

Thinking of what you
are you feeling
Write a letter call me reject


Heal my suffering come & see me
love you hate you want you me too

(chorus x2)

Used up & Burnt out^

I like the way you make me feel
I hate the way you try
take your trust & stomp on it
and make you realize
I like the way you look at me
but I hate your eyes
An ultimatum seperates
Well you had your try

It was so good - (chorus)

Never me again
I never was a friend


There is a way to make you leave
the plan is under way
This is how it's gonna be
so won't you go away
They used to like you now you're sick
don't want to hold your hand
You never meant a thing to me
you'll never understand


Never meet again
Never find a friend


Never want to try again
never wonder why
you could live so happily
to find me as your guy
I never told you anything
afraid you might find out
I took the thing now no one can
You're done without a doubt


Used you for a sin
I claimed to be your friend

(chours) x 3 times

Silent Sufferage*

Silent sufferage
fall away
Taunting memories
haunting pain

Standing in the door
show your hate
there is no one to
listen away

Carry on - (chorus)

(1st verse)

Back Then^

Why can't you see
what's bugging me
I do forget
way back then

My thoughts are weak
I'm with the meek
I can't say when
Cause it was way back then

Wonder why I am not heard - (chorus)
or why can't I believe
way back then

Why can't you see
false prophecy
Don't understand
way back then

My eyes are green
with thoughts unseen
don't know why
cause it was way back then

(chorus) x 3 times

Said it's okay*

And they said it's all right
they all said it's okay
they only wanted to fight
I never wanted to stay

Stepping back towards nowhere - (chorus)
knowing it could never be
never be the same; the same
Knowing I never had it
knowing I am only wrong
as if it were a game; a game

Seeing is comforting
now only if it could be
be the same way again
I'd never want it to end


Sometimes I Run*

Sometimes I run
but just can't hide
always finds me
but that's all right

Run my life now
run it all out
no one help me
have too much doubt

Just say good-bye for me - (chorus 1)

Sometimes I hate
but that's not enough
I'm not happy
and I'm not quite done

Run away now
cause that's who you are
I'm full now
can't take no more

Just take some time for me - (chorus 2)


And ever after
the story's bigger
they followed after
like I'm their master
The day grows longer
they'll take you're honor

Here we go - (chorus)
I'm not gonna lie

Our Way*

It has left our hands
to go away from here, from here
The time has gone away
so it will not be here, near fear

It is our way - (chorus)

This time I'll miss you
release you of your fear, for here
To show you I'm not here
I'll leave my mind with you, right here


I wish I was afraid*

Stick around
when I'm not here
the stalking pain
will give you fear
Racing time
within itself
Your mind will
give you nothing else

I wish I was afraid... - (chorus)
to see
to know
of you
to show


It's your fault
to tell me
what you see
see what is everything

I would care
but I don't
what's the deal
I though I was your everything

I care - (chorus)
for me
to you
I'd hope that you would be my friend
my mind
to care
the thought's that were everything

I hope
to see
your face
to bring me back up again

You're joy
my hate
we'll see
I'll take you back down again



Tell what I want to hear
try to make it clear
to my mind
Tell me a story
try to make it real
in my eyes

Images - (chorus)
try to make'em real
try to make'em clear
to my mind

Tell me a story
a true story
make it good
You said
what I wanted to hear
what I had to hear




I wanna go for a walk in the park
because I wanna get away from you
I know it seems like I am all beat up
but there's nothing that I can do

I know that you don't have much to say - (chorus)
in your defense and that's okay
because you're not important enough
for attention anyway
I am going to back off
'cause I know I'm getting bound

I wanna go for a walk in the dark
because I don't want to picture you
I'm gonna do it all over again
because there's nothing much I can do


I know the you don't have much to say
in your defense and that's okay
because you're not important enough
for attention anyway
I know, I'm bound

In an Instant*

And maybe I'm not gone
it is the way I wanna be
No cure for what I've got
it is the way I wanna feel

And maybe I'm not - (chorus)
any different
I know the way it is
it's in an instant

It is the way I have
the way I have that way one's due
No cure for what I saw
it is how I want to be real


No Reason*

Take a minute
start your thinkin'
and you might see
that no one's at home

Take a while
start to smile
and you might see
you're not alone

And I know there's no cure for - (chorus)
what you think inside your head
And I know there's no reason
for a way to give up instead

You you take'em
and you lose'em
what just happened
who went away

There's no reason
make things even
and it might be
the end of the day


Gone and Going*

Always, taking
never, giving
my mind, waste time
your breath, crashline

Go on, no life
taking, my time
gone and, going
always, controlling

You're all controlling - (chorus)
go on let me be
you're always going
no time left for me

Left one, not right
seeing, no sight
awful, roaming
while I'm, waiting

Go on, no time
wasting, my mind
danger, safe day
good thing, bad way


Compared to Here*

Be, be the only one for me
for you, be the only one to go
again, I said, no one really likes to
be, a part, of you, and I got to

Save a place for me again - (chorus)
never really had a plan
I've never seen you
it's all compared to, here

Show, that you'll be here when I come
for you, hope the trust that will reveal
is real, to me, hope there is no lie
on me, to be, the first one to



Never wanna go away
all I wanna do is stay
go outside for a bit
never know where you went

Be there for you - (chorus)

And I always try to say
it will come to you someday
you'll get every little bit
and you'll wonder what was spent


On Top of You*

Take me with you, go far away
take a listen, to what I say
Pay attention, it's all your fault
may I mention, that you will fall

May I have a minute - (chorus)
it will just take a bit
do you really care now
or should I pretend how
to stay on top
on top of you

You're feeling under, you start to faint
no one sees it, and it's too late
Now you're slipping, slipping away
it all makes since now, you're to blame