We would like to give a




special thank you to: Ryan Sprague, you were an
excellent bassist!!!

We couldn't of got the were we are to day (and where's that??) if we didn't have help and support from people, so here are some People that we'd like to thank:

Debbie* (Mitch's Woman), Swirly (you know who you are), Tom* (this isn't his real name, but we call him Tom and we only know to call him that), Keila (I think that's how you spell it), Dracula, Emerey (same thing), Mr. Retard Man, the Guy who invented toilets* (<-- you are a saint to us), Fido (long story), Spot (my dog that was once married to Mitch), Jay (that fat guy), Hayrol (for being invented), Jeremy Davis (you were a good bassist while you lasted), Wicky, Pat & Don (for giving us someone to make fun of), FullPower*, Blink 182, Reel Big Fish (inspire us some more all you guys ^all the bands we just mentioned^), Jebs (dork), Jeremiah (<-- could be spelled wrong, but a great great guy), Our #1 fan "V.H." (you know who you are too), The guys who invented Rocko's Modern Life, All of the "Back to the Future" movies, The Music Store for providing our 1st gig, The guy who invented "Bolex", Andy (for letting us steal food from your house), Shannon (you know who you are), Illyria (you rule), Emily Brown, and who ever we forgot to mention

Most of all we'd like to thank:

Brooklyn's, Mike Vanbelkum (you're 50% responsible for our publicity), and Wyatt Crable (is also about 50% responsible for our publicity)

We would not like to thank:

God (you helped us none with our music), Paul, All fags, Eternity's Edge (sorry, Tim, but Justin is a hypocrit), Rob Lowe "The Dairy Queen Guy" (Thanks for not telling us), Jenny Harrison, Megan Newby (and her hairless mom), Spic, Dog Ears(<--story behind this one), Cue ball, Korn, 311, our parents (they also didn't help us any), Boo, Jennifer Morse (this girl is a slut like you wouldn't believe), Any preps (i.e.- Cheerleaders, or if your parents bought you everything you own)